A component-based product line architecture for workflow management systemsReport as inadecuate

Author: Fabrício Ricardo Lazilha, Leonor Barroca, Edson Alves de Oliveira Junior and Itana Maria de Souza Gimenes

Source: https://core.ac.uk/


This paper presents a component-based product line for workflow management systems.
The process followed to design the product line was based on the Catalysis method.
Extensions were made to represent variability across the process.
The domain of workflow management systems has been shown to be appropriate to the application of the product line approach as there are a standard architecture and models established by a regulatory board, the Workflow Management Coalition.
In addition, there is a demand for similar workflow management systems but with some different features.
The product line architecture was evaluated with Rapide simulation tools.
The evaluation was based on selected scenarios, thus, avoiding implementation issues.
The strategy that has been used to populate the architecture and experiment with the product line is shown.
In particular, the design of the workflow execution manager component is described ...

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