Contamination of short GRBs by giant magnetar flares: significance of downwards revision in distance to SGR 1806-20Report as inadecuate

Author: Paul A. Crowther, Joanne L. Bibby, James P. Furness and J. Simon Clark



We highlight how the downward revision in the distance to the star cluster associated with SGR1806-20 by Bibby et al.
reconciles the apparent low contamination of BATSE short GRBs by intense flares from extragalactic magnetars without recourse to modifying the frequency of one such flare per 30 years per Milky Way galaxy.
We also discuss the variety in progenitor initial masses of magnetars based upon cluster ages, ranging from ~50 Msun for SGR 1806-20 and 1E 1647-455 in Westerlund 1 to ~15 Msun for SGR 1900+14 and presumably 1E 1841-045 if it originated from one of the massive RSG clusters #2 or #3 ...

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