A unified model of the electrical power networkReport as inadecuate

Author: K. C. P. Wong, H. M. Ryan and J. Tindle

Source: https://core.ac.uk/


Traditionally, the different infrastructure layers, technologies and management activities associated with the design, control and protection operation of the Electrical Power Systems have been supported by numerous independent models of the real world network.
As a result of increasing competition in this sector, however, the integration of technologies in the network and the coordination of complex management processes have become of vital importance for all electrical power companies.\ud \ud The aim of the research outlined in this paper is to develop a single network model which will unify the generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure layers and the various alternative implementation technologies.
This 'unified model' approach can support ,for example, network fault, reliability and performance analysis.
This paper introduces the basic network structures, describes an object-oriented modelling approach and outlines possible applications of the unified model ...

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