Making the technology fit the pedagogyReport as inadecuate

Author: Keith Beechener and Wendy Fisher



In this paper we explore whether technology provides the teaching profession with a new form of pedagogy, often referred to as ‘e-learning’, or is merely an attempt to ‘reinvent the wheel’.
Salmon’s e-tivities, Laurillard’s conversational framework and others have helped to further the case in favour of a new pedagogy.
Distance learning particularly has been has able to derive considerable benefit from the opportunities involved.
\ud However, is ‘the Internet’ nothing more than an all-embracing metaphor for a multitude of traditional teaching locations, for example the classroom, campus and the lecture theatre? We find these ‘learning environments’ can exist wherever we want them, as virtual, mobile, personal or even real locations.
Has the online world bridged the gap for distance teaching, drawing it closer to traditional forms of teaching, and therefore traditional pedagogy? Does it mean that there are more opportunities for HEIs to move into distance learning provision ...

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