Using evaluation to inform the development of a user-focused assessment engineReport as inadecuate

Author: Grainne Conole and Niall Sclater



This paper reports on the evaluation of a new assessment system, Technologies for Online Interoperability (TOIA).
TOIA was built from a user-focussed specification of an assessment system.
The formative evaluation of the project complemented this initial specification by ensuring that user feedback on the development and use of the system was iteratively fed back into the development process.
The paper begins by summarising some of the key barriers and enablers to the use of assessment systems and the uptake of Computer-Assisted Assessment (CAA).
It goes on to provide a critique of the impact of technology on assessment and considers whether innovative uses of information and communication technology (ICT) might result in new e-pedagogies and practices in assessment.
The paper then reports on the findings of the TOIA evaluation and discusses how these were used to inform the development of the system ...

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