Channels, consumers and communication: online and offline communication in service consumptionReport as inadecuate

Author: G. van Dijk, S. Minocha and A. Laing



This paper reports on a study that investigated consumer use of e-services in a multichannel context.
To develop a deeper understanding of what makes consumers decide to use the online channel, and contrary to most HCI studies on the use of e-services that focus on the use of the online channel in relative isolation, this study examined consumer channel-choice beyond the instances of internet use.
The consumption behaviour of its participants was investigated across channels in an in-depth qualitative study.
The analysis of the elicited rich data focused specifically on the investigation of voluntary consumer movements between online and offline channels during the course of a consumption process.
The results indicate that participants often use multiple channels in parallel and frequently switch between channels.
Literature from marketing and consumer research was used as the perspective to explore the rationale for the complex and dynamic reported consumer behaviour ...

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