A new methodology for learning designReport as inadecuate

Author: Grainne Conole, Andrew Brasher, Simon Cross, Martin Weller, Stewart Nixon, Paul Clark and John Petit

Source: https://core.ac.uk/


This paper describes the development of a new methodology for learning design.
Our approach is predicated on the view that no one, simple, view of design is appropriate, because of the inherently messy and creative nature of design.
Instead we are adopting an interactive and multi-faceted approach which consists of a series of cycles of user consultation, focus groups and workshops alongside the development of learning design tools and resources.
In particular we will describe how we have adapted an existing mind mapping and argumentation tool, Compendium, so that it can be used as a means of guiding designers through the learning design decision making process in the creation of learning activities.
We will describe the initial evaluations of the use of this tool, along with our findings to date on a series of fact finding exercises to better understand individual and team approaches to design ...

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