A low bit-rate video-coding algorithm based upon variable pattern selectionReport as inadecuate

Author: M. Paul, M. Murshed and L. Dooley

Source: https://core.ac.uk/


Recent research into pattern representation of moving regions in blocked-based motion estimation and compensation in video sequences, has focused mainly upon using a fixed number of regular shaped patterns.
These are used to match the macroblocks in a frame that have two distinct regions involving static background and moving objects.
In this paper a new Variable Pattern Selection (VPS) algorithm is presented which selects a preset number of best-matched patterns from a pattern codebook of regular shaped patterns.
While more patterns are used than in the previous work, the performance of the VPS algorithm in using variable length coding, by exploiting the frequency of the best-matched patterns, leads to a higher compression ratio, without degrading the overall image quality ...

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