Putting Pedagogy in the driving seat with Open Comment: an open source formative assessment feedback and guidance tool for History StudentsReport as inadecuate

Author: Denise Whitelock and Stuart Watt

Source: https://core.ac.uk/


One of the more challenging aspects in the current e-assessment milieu is to provide a set of electronic interactive tasks that will allow students more free text entry and provide immediate feedback to them.\ud The specific objective of the project was to construct some simple tools in the form of Moodle extensions that allow a Moodle author to ask free-text response questions that can provide a degree of interactive formative feedback to students.
In parallel with this was the aim to begin to develop a methodology for constructing such questions and their feedback effectively, together with techniques for constructing decision rules for giving feedback.\ud Open Comment is a formative feedback technology designed to be integrated in the Moodle virtual learning environment.
Put simply, it provides a simple system allowing questions to be written in Moodle, and for students' free text responses to these questions to be analysed and used to provide individually customised formative feedback ...

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