A systematic review of whole class, subject based, pedagogies with reported outcomes for the academic and social inclusion of pupils with special educational needs in mainstream classroomsReport as inadecuate

Author: K. Sheehy, J. Rix, J. Collins, K. Hall, M. Nind and J. Wearmouth

Source: https://core.ac.uk/


Schools across the world have responded to international and national initiatives designed to further the development of inclusive education.
In England, there is a statutory requirement for all schools to provide effective learning opportunities for all pupils (QCA, 2000) and children with special educational needs (SEN) are positioned as having a right to be within mainstream classrooms accessing an appropriate curriculum (SENDA, 2001).
Previous reviews which have sought to identify classroom practices that support the inclusion of children with SEN have been technically non-systematic and hence a need for a systematic review within this area has been identified (Nind et al., 2004; Rix et al., 2006).
This systematic literature review is the last in a series of three ...

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