Exploring strategic approaches towards a sustainable transport systemReport as inadecuate

Author: Stephen Potter

Source: https://core.ac.uk/


This paper undertakes a ‘backcasting’ analysis exploring strategic approaches for overalsystems sustainability in personal transport.
Starting from a robust definition of sustainability for the personal transport sector, the research examines the impact of combinations of transport technologies and changes in travel behaviour in reducing CO2 emissions towards a sustainable level.
In doing this a simple equation model is used.
This is purposely simple to\ud provide a tool developing understanding by anyone exploring transport’s sustainability challenges.
\ud \ud It is concluded that technical measures in isolation are likely to be ineffective and politically problematic.
Equally, even substantial modal shift from car to public transport cannot on its own attain the sustainability target.
A combined strategy of both technical\ud improvements and demand management addressing trip length, trip generation and modal share can deliver the necessary improvement, although the implementation of such a package\ud remains politically challenging ...

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