Building capacity in climate change policy analysis and negotiation: methods and technologiesReport as inadecuate

Author: Stephen Peake, James Aczel and Pascale Hardy



Capacity building is often cited as the reason “we cannot just pour money into developing countries” and why so many development projects fail because their design does not address local conditions.
It is therefore a key technical and political concept in international development.\ud \ud Some of the poorest countries in the world are also some of the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.
Their vulnerability is in part due to a lack of capacity to plan and anticipate the effects of climate change on crops, water resources, urban electricity demand etc.
What capacities do these countries lack to deal with climate change? How will they cope? What steps can they take to reduce their vulnerability? \ud \ud This innovative and high-profile research project was part of a larger project (called C3D) and conducted with non-governmental organisations in Senegal, South Africa and Sri Lanka.
The research involved several participatory workshops and a questionnaire to all three research centres ...

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