Changing recycling behaviour: an evaluation of attitudes and behaviour to recycling in the Western Riverside area of LondonReport as inadecuate

Author: Christine Thomas, Mark Yoxon, Rachel Slater and John Leaman



Key to improving recycling performance in the UK is the need to more effectively engage the public and improve levels of participation.
The research described in this paper combines quantitative and qualitative analysis of attitudinal and behavioural changes as part of an evaluation project to measure the impact of a multi-faceted waste awareness and education campaign in the Western Riverside Waste Authority area of central London.
Analysis links attitudinal and behavioural responses to infrastructure provision and performance indicators for each area surveyed, as well as socio-demographic indicators.
This paper presents the results and analysis of the attitudes, motivations and behaviours of a representative profile of households from this area of central London, in an attempt to better understand how behavioural change can be achieved and recycling targets met ...

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