Where do participatory approaches meet social learning systems in the context of environmental decision makingReport as inadecuate

Author: Chris Blackmore

Source: https://core.ac.uk/


About the book: Changes in market organisation, climatic conditions and societal demands on food quality, animal welfare and environmental quality have created new conditions for farming families as well as for researchers and policy makers.
New social, technical and economic solutions are needed for farming and rural areas.
This book presents new perspectives for farms, farm products and rural areas, many of which were collectively developed by coalitions of farmers, farmer representatives, researchers, civilians and/or policy makers.
Contributions are made from those involved in crop and animal production worldwide offering sections on natural resources management, development of sustainable rural systems, future perspectives for farming families, knowledge systems in transition and learning processes in multi-stakeholder processes.
\ud This unique collection of contributions, presenting insights from biophysical as well as social sciences, shows where practice meets analysis and reflection and offers new perspectives for rural areas throughout the world ...

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