Living with the big picture: a systems approach to citizenship of a complex planetReport as inadecuate

Author: Christine Blackmore and John Smyth



About the book: Global citizenship is a dynamic topic within the modern world.
Emerging from the new language and ideas that are being developed to try to encompass and define the ways in which globalisation is changing the world in which we live, global citizenship combines two factors - the idea of global responsibility (for the environment, aiding the poor, human rights, peace, etc.) and the development of institutional structures through which this responsibility can be exercised.\ud The aim of the Reader is to introduce students to the changing ways in which politics, culture, environment and economics are being thought about and how individuals relate to the fast-moving global, political, cultural, economic and environmental agendas.
The international team of authors includes social scientists, philosophers, natural scientists and systems theorists.
They bring a breadth of coverage to the core theme of the individual in a global world, showing the wide variety of ways in which Global Citizenship is conceived and approached by different disciplines ...

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