A semantic web service-based architecture for the interoperability of e-government servicesReport as inadecuate

Author: V. Roberto, M. Rowlatt, R. Davies, A. Gugliotta, L. Cabral and J. Domingue

Source: https://core.ac.uk/


We propose a semantically-enhanced architecture to address the issues of interoperability and service integration in e-government web information systems.
An architecture for a life event portal based on Semantic Web Services (SWS) is described.
The architecture includes loosely-coupled modules organized in three distinct layers: User Interaction, Middleware and Web Services.
The Middleware provides the semantic infrastructure for ontologies and SWS.
In particular a conceptual model for integrating domain knowledge (Life Event Ontology), application knowledge (E-government Ontology) and service description (Service Ontology) is defined.
The model has been applied to a use case scenario in e-government and the results of a system prototype have been reported to demonstrate some relevant features of the proposed approach ...

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