Semantic browsing of digital collectionsReport as inadecuate

Author: Trevor Collins, Paul Mulholland and Zdenek Zdrahal



Visiting museums is an increasingly popular pastime.
Studies have shown that visitors can draw on their museum experience, long after their visit, to learn new things in practical situations.
Rather than viewing a visit as a\ud single learning event, we are interested in ways of extending the experience to allow visitors to access online resources tailored to their interests.
Museums\ud typically have extensive archives that can be made available online, the challenge is to match these resources to the visitor’s interests and present them in a manner that facilitates exploration and engages the visitor.
We propose the use of knowledge level resource descriptions to identify relevant resources and create structured presentations.
A system that embodies this approach, which is in use in a UK museum, is presented and the applicability of the approach to the broader semantic web is discussed ...

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