Smooth Beginning of the Universe - General Relativity and Quantum CosmologyReport as inadecuate

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Abstract: The breaking down of the equivalence principle, when discussed in the contextof Sikorski-s differential spaces theory, leads to the definition of theso-called differentially singular boundary d-boundary and to the concept ofdifferential space with singularity associated with a given space-timedifferential manifold. This enables us to define the time orientability, thebeginning of the cosmological time and the smooth evolution for the flatFriedmanian world model with the initial singularity. The simplest smoothlyevolved models are studied. It is shown, that the cosmological matter causingsuch an evolution can be of three different types. One of them is the fluidwith dark energy properties, the second the fluid with attraction properties,and the third a mixture of the other two. Among all investigated smoothlyevolved solutions, models qualitatively consistent with the observational dataof type Ia supernovae have been found.

Author: Jacek Gruszczak


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