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Abstract: In this report arguments are presented to classify this hadron rich event asan interaction event and the consequences of this statement. For instance thetotal invariant mass would be estimated as ~ 61 GeV-c^2 and the pair of hadronsused for height estimation have invariant mass = 2.2 GeV-c^2. Besides, tablesshowing the parametric and non-parametric analysis resulting in a criteriatable and the resulting tables for the discrimination of $\gamma$ or hadroninduced showers were presented at the 16th ISVHECRI, held at Batavia, USA. Themain point of hadron rich and Centauro events is the identification of thenature of the observed showers. The identification and energy determination of$\gamma$ or hadron induced showers was made using 2 simulations. Complementedwith the observation of photosensitive material under microscope it wasdetermined that the event C16S086I037 could be classified as a hadron richevent. We used 10 reasonable scenarios for $\gamma$-hadron discrimination andobtained that the event is composed of 25 $\gamma$-s, 36 hadrons and 1surviving and leading hadron. All these scenarios were reported at the 14thISVHECRI, held in Weihai, China and resulted in rather constant values ofphysical quantities, like the mean transverse momentum of hadrons,$

$, and the mean inelasticity of $\gamma$-ray, $$.

Author: S.L.C.Barroso, A.O.deCarvalho, J.A.Chinellato, A.Mariano, E.J.T.Manganote, E.C.F.P.Vicente, E.H.Shibuya


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