Oscillations of Bubbles Attached to a Capillary: Case of Pure Liquid Report as inadecuate

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Conference/Event: Experimental Fluid Mechanics 2012 /7./, Hradec Králové (CZ), 2012-11-20 / 2012-11-23


Language: eng

Abstract: In this contribution, we therefore present results of a linear inviscid theory for shape oscillations of a spherical bubble, which is in contact with a solid support. The theory allows determining eigenmode, but also response of the bubble shape to a motion of its support or to volume variations. Present theory covers also the cases previously analyzed by Strani and Sabettaand Bostwick and Steen, and it can be applied to both bubbles and drops. The theory has been compared to experiments. Good agreement is found for the case of small bubbles, which have spherical static shape. Experimental results for larger bubbles and drops deviate from the theory, if a neck is formed. It is shown that this deviation correlates well with a ratio of bubble volume to the maximum volume, when a detachment occurs.

Keywords:bubbles; cappilary; experimental verification

Project no.: GAP101/11/0806 (CEP)

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Author: Vejražka, Jiří ; Vobecká, Lucie ; Tihon, Jaroslav

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