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Abstract: The current gravitational wave detectors have reached their operationalsensitivity and are nearing detection of compact object binaries. In the comingyears, we expect that the Advanced LIGO-VIRGO will start taking data. At thesame time, there are plans for third generation ground-based detectors such asthe Einstein Telescope, and space detectors such as DECIGO. We discuss theeccentricity distribution of inspiral compact object binaries during theyinspiral phase. We analyze the expected distributions of eccentricities atthree frequencies that are characteristic of three future detectors: AdvancedLIGO-VIRGO 30 Hz, Einstein Telescope 3 Hz, and DECIGO 0.3 Hz. We use theStarTrack binary population code to investigate the properties of thepopulation of compact binaries in formation. We evolve their orbits until thepoint that they enter a given detector sensitivity window and analyze theeccentricity distribution at that time. We find that the eccentricities ofBH-BH and BH-NS binaries are quite small when entering the Advanced LIGO-VIRGOdetector window for all considered models of binary evolution. Even in the caseof the DECIGO detector, the typical eccentricities of BH-BH binaries are below10^{-4}, and the BH-NS eccentricities are smaller than 10^{-3}. Some fractionof NS-NS binaries may have significant eccentricities. Within the range ofconsidered models, we found that a fraction of between 0.2% and 2% NS-NSbinaries will have an eccentricity above 0.01 for the Advanced LIGO-VIRGOdetectors. For the ET detector, this fraction is between 0.4% and 4%, and forthe DECIGO detector it lies between 2% and 27%.

Autor: I. Kowalska, T. Bulik, K. Belczynski, M. Dominik, D. Gondek-Rosinska


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