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Published in: IEEE Transactions on Computers, vol. 41, num. 2, p. 207 - 217 Publication date: 1992

The notion of encapsulations is introduced as the basic construct used to support optimistic make (a software tool). The authors describe the implementation of optimistic make in the V-System on a collection of SUN workstations. Statistics measured from this implementation are used to synthesize a workload for a discrete-event simulation, and to validate the simulation's results. The simulation shows a speedup distribution over pessimistic make with a median of 1.72 and a mean of 8.28. The speedup distribution is strongly dependent on the ratio between the target out-of-date times and the command execution times. With faster machines the median of the speedup distribution grows to 5.1, and then decreases again

Keywords: optimistic computing ; optimistic make ; performance evaluation ; programming environment ; simulation study ; software developement environment ; speculative computation Reference LABOS-ARTICLE-2005-019doi:10.1109/12.123396

Author: Bubenik, R; Zwaenepoel, W

Source: https://infoscience.epfl.ch/record/55810?ln=en

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