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Conference/Event: Experimental Fluid Mechanics 2016, Mariánské Lázně (CZ), 20161115


Language: eng

Abstract: Bubble and drop breakage in a turbulent flow is studied experimentally. In an experimental cell, the turbulent flow (of distilled water) is generated by an array of coaxial nozzles, which allows adjusting independently the turbulence intensity and the mean velocity. Either air or cyclohexane is injected in order to produce bubbles or drops. Their breakage by the turbulent flow is observed using a high-speed camera. The image processing provides information about particles in each image. Tracking software is developed and it allows to identify and characterize the breakup events (their location, number and sizes of daughter particles and also trajectories prior the breakup) and to distinguish them from a simple overlap of multiple bubbles. The parameters characterizing the breakup are then studied in dependence on local flow conditions.

Keywords:breakup probability; turbulent flow

Project no.: GA15-15467S (CEP)

Host item entry: Proceedings of the International Conference Experimental Fluid Mechanics, ISBN N

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Autor: Zedníková, Mária ; Vejražka, Jiří ; Stanovský, Petr

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