Gastropod-borne helminths: a look at the snail-parasite interplayReportar como inadecuado

Gastropod-borne helminths: a look at the snail-parasite interplay

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Publication Date: 2015-12-28

Journal Title: Trends in Parasitology

Publisher: Elsevier

Volume: 32

Issue: 3

Pages: 255-264

Language: English

Type: Article

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Citation: Giannelli, A., Cantacessi, C., Colella, V., Dantas-Torres, F., & Otranto, D. (2015). Gastropod-borne helminths: a look at the snail-parasite interplay. Trends in Parasitology, 32 (3), 255-264.

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Abstract: More than 300 million people suffer from a range of diseases caused by snail-borne helminths, predominantly flatworms and roundworms, whose life cycles are characterised by a diversified ecology and epidemiology. Despite the plethora of data on these parasites, very little is known on the fundamental biology of their gastropod intermediate hosts, and of the interactions occurring at the snail-helminth interface. In this article, we focus on schistosomes and metastrongylids of human and animal significance and review current knowledge of snail-parasite interplay. Future efforts aimed at elucidating key elements of the biology and ecology of the snail intermediate hosts, along with an improved understanding of snail-parasite interactions, will aid to identify, plan and develop new strategies for disease control focused on gastropod intermediate hosts.

Keywords: gastropod-borne diseases, Schistosoma, Angiostrongylus, metastrongylids, snail-parasite interactions


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Autor: Giannelli, AlessioCantacessi, CinziaColella, VitoDantas-Torres, FilipeOtranto, Domenico



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