Direct Numerical Simulations of Dual-Fuel Non-Premixed AutoignitionReport as inadecuate

Direct Numerical Simulations of Dual-Fuel Non-Premixed Autoignition

Direct Numerical Simulations of Dual-Fuel Non-Premixed Autoignition - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

Publication Date: 2016-05-04

Journal Title: Combustion Science and Technology

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Volume: 188

Issue: 4-5

Pages: 542-555

Language: English

Type: Article

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Citation: Demosthenous, E., Mastorakos, E., & Cant, R. S. (2016). Direct Numerical Simulations of Dual-Fuel Non-Premixed Autoignition. Combustion Science and Technology, 188 (4-5), 542-555.

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Abstract: Autoignition of turbulent methane/air mixing layers, in which n-heptane droplets have been added, was investigated by DNS. This configuration is relevant to dual-fuel, pilot-ignited natural gas engines under direct injection conditions. Two passive scalars were introduced in order to describe the dual fuel combustion. It was shown that the pre-ignition phase is dominated by n-heptane oxidation while methane oxidation is less intense. During the pre-ignition phase the methane/air mixing layer is distorted due to turbulence creating regions around the n-heptane droplets allowing the transport of intermediate species to the methane reaction zone. According to the passive scalars introduced, it was shown that ignition occurs at mixtures rich in n-heptane vapour. Subsequently, consumption of both n-heptane and methane is rapidly increased and promoted by the high temperatures achieved. The competition of the two fuels makes autoignition retarded relative to the pure n-heptane case, but accelerated relative to the pure methane case.

Keywords: dual fuel combustion, autoignition, n-heptane spray, methane, non-premixed


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Author: Demosthenous, ElenaMastorakos, EpaminondasCant, Robert Stewart



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