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Abstract: The gravitational couplings of matter are studied in the presence of Lorentzand CPT violation. At leading order in the coefficients for Lorentz violation,the relativistic quantum hamiltonian is derived from the gravitationallycoupled minimal Standard-Model Extension. For spin-independent effects, thenonrelativistic quantum hamiltonian and the classical dynamics for test andsource bodies are obtained. A systematic perturbative method is developed totreat small metric and coefficient fluctuations about a Lorentz-violating andMinkowski background. The post-newtonian metric and the trajectory of a testbody freely falling under gravity in the presence of Lorentz violation areestablished. An illustrative example is presented for a bumblebee model. Thegeneral methodology is used to identify observable signals of Lorentz and CPTviolation in a variety of gravitational experiments and observations, includinggravimeter measurements, laboratory and satellite tests of the weak equivalenceprinciple, antimatter studies, solar-system observations, and investigations ofthe gravitational properties of light. Numerous sensitivities to coefficientsfor Lorentz violation can be achieved in existing or near-future experiments atthe level of parts in 10^3 down to parts in 10^{15}. Certain coefficients areuniquely detectable in gravitational searches and remain unmeasured to date.

Autor: Alan Kostelecky, Jay Tasson


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