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91 Geografía y viajes - Geography and travel

Tipo de documento: Documento de trabajo - Monograph Documento de trabajo

Palabras clave: Arquitectura - Historia - Medellín; Arquitectura - Estudio y enseñanza; Arquitectos antioqueños

Temática: 7 Las artes; Bellas artes y artes decorativas - Arts and recreation 71 Urbanismo y arte paisajístico - Landscaping and area planning



409 CHAPTER XXIII. i)eparlure (mm Paoanrn—Cruces_.Tbe river Chaares—T1,c Gorgoon. Chagres. I LEVF Panama on the 16th of November, at six oclock ill the morning, accompanied by a muleteer.
He had with him two baggage tunIcs, one of which I mounted, and observing it shod, presaged that I should meet with very bad roads. My conjectures w ere not ill-founded. Compared with the country I had just traversed, the Cordillera is here very low the traveller is, however, obliged to be always ascending and descending, and that with some difficulty, for the ground, continually inundated by the storms of rain which conic IrOILI the two seas, is nothing but one deep bog, rendered the more dangerous, by the stories which the ignorant habowers have thrown ill it, by way of making it firmer.
The traveller does nothing but slide about and fall, and is in water during the nhiol e of the road.
Upon arriving nearly half way, the declivity of the mountains is to be descended, which is far more steep on the side of the Caribbean Sea than oil that of the Pacific.
The 410 Tit,tVELS IN THE rain and the bad state of the roads prevented my arriving before seven oclock at Cruces,* a village entirely inhabited by people of colour. One of them received me with much kindness but his cabin presented the same scene of dirt as is general with these men. I, therefore, congratulated myself upon being able to leave Cruces the next cla y , and embark in one of the bongos which navigate the Chagres.
These piraguas are so lofty, that the negroes cannot row in them without standing upon the benches.
An officer, charged with orders for the intendant of Panama, was my travelling companion ; I had imagined that his presence would have rendcred our passage shorter, and that I should reach Chagres the saute night it, however, made it much longer.
At 11 oclock in the morning, this young man stopped at the village of Gorgona, peopled with negroes, and composed of huts...

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