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91 Geografía y viajes - Geography and travel

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Palabras clave: Arquitectura - Historia - Medellín; Arquitectura - Estudio y enseñanza; Arquitectos antioqueños

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REIU111410 OF COLOMBIA. 393 CHAPTER XXII. Comumokation by land and water—commercial laws. impediments to the internal COiuhIItliiiCatioirs are much greater.
By lurid they are obstructed by precipices, swamps anti dangers of ever y description the more important the roads are, the worse is their condition, because, though constantly frequented, they are never repaired.
Thus the most disagreeable are those which lead to the capital, and those front the Cauca to the Pacific, and from Panama to Cruces. The expenses of carriage are for this rcasort, triple what they ought to be, so that these charges may be estimated at thirty-five per cent upon the goods sent from Carthagena to Bogota. They are counterbalanced, it is true, b y the diircrenee of measure, which is forty per cent in our favour and eight per cent for the English, when they sell according to the invoice price, because the same price is asked for the vara, as for the French ell, or for the yard. Let the reader conceive roads, marked out by the rains, opened b y earthquakes, hollowed out by torrents; the only mode of travelling in THE 394 TRAVELS IN THE them is on mules, and in some places on oxen, whose firm tread enables them to get out of the deep marshes where they sink at every step; iii some parts even this animal is useless, and then recourse must be had to men, OO whose backs you may travel at a small expence, notwithstanding the horrible sufferings of these poor people.
It is thus that you traverse the Quindin, and the Cordilleras which separate the Cauca from the Pacific. All the royal roads have been cleared of the trees which obstruct the passage.
For this Iliiportant service we are indebted to Spain ; it does not remedy a thousand other inconveniences of which we will give an idea. In some places the mountains are so steep, that the most ingenious method which has occurred to facilitate the rapid descent, has been to make the road in a zig zag, and in several parts to cut steps which f...

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