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91 Geografía y viajes - Geography and travel

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340 TRAVELS IN THE CHAPTER XIX. Population—Inhabitants of the Paramos_litLiabitanls of the corn Mountains—Inhabitants of the plains - Indios bravos— Negro Slaves— Religion. the provinces of Colombia were so united under the Spanish government, they had so seldom occasion to compare themselves together and to hate each other, that they knew only the two great divisions of Caracas and New Grenada. The distinctions of colours and castwere unknown. There were only slaves, subjects and a sovereign. Now that titles have been abolished to revive the rights of each individual, there are neither masters nor slaves ; we find only equals ready to tear cacti other to piece) Formerly all constituted one great Spanish family, at present, if we except their language and religion which are the same, the bonds of union are broken.
Here are the blacks and there the whites ; on one side the half whites, and on the other mulattoes. To make these differences better known, we shaligive a distinct account of the different races, their origin and their mixture ; we shall class the inhabitants of Colombia according to the places which they inhabit, and describe in aseparate chap- ALL fliiUilLJC OF COLOMBIA.
3-I1 ter their national character, dividing them into inhabitants of the hot and the cold lands. In general the ereoles who are called whites, descend from a mixture of the Spanish race with the blacks and Indians.
Iii the maritime provinces, the first especially have entered into European families ics ; and in the Cordilleras, it!has been ticcessary to admit the Indians. The whites oil the coast.
have all ti l e Span isFi features ; those of the Cordilleras have more resemblance with the Europeans of the north, though their eves have retained in a great degree the obliquity of the Indians ; they have generally black and rough hair like the ahorigenes of the New World. A great number of the inhabitants of Colon,bia are disfigured by two horrid maladies, the syphilis a...

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