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91 Geografía y viajes - Geography and travel

Tipo de documento: Documento de trabajo - Monograph Documento de trabajo

Palabras clave: Arquitectura - Historia - Medellín; Arquitectura - Estudio y enseñanza; Arquitectos antioqueños

Temática: 7 Las artes; Bellas artes y artes decorativas - Arts and recreation 71 Urbanismo y arte paisajístico - Landscaping and area planning



316 TRAVELS IN TIM (JUAP1Elt NVIJ. Description o I the I own of Panainu—ili e woniru of uIooiLna. GUAYAQWL is built of- wood, Buenaventura of straw; Panama has retained something of both these kinds of architecture; at first sight, however, this town pleases the European; he sees houses of three stories, inhabited by several families ; consequently, as in his own country, noise and bustle. To these features of resemblance, which first strike him, must be added others that are less agreeable, especially excessive uncleanliness, increased by that carelessness, which is natural in a warm country, and among a people of Spanish origin.
At Carthagena there is not a single chair, here the houses are crowded with furniture fowls and pigeons enter every where, while, in the court yard, the pigs live on all the filth which is thrown out of the windows ; this being only means the inhabitants have yet found of getting rid of it. The streets are narrow, and much darker than those of Carthagena, and even lunch dirted i y tier; at night they are sufficiently lighted REPUBLIC or QOI.l)MIIIA. 317 the shops, where the tradespeople endeavour to iii trod nec It ree of aid et and neatness, whichhi skews their frequeiitintercourse with the English. The ni agaz I iics of provisions, illi Ltd etil ar, are better arranged than those of the towns of the interior ; they contain inzuiy articles of the United States, and a great quantity of wines and liquors of all kinds.
There is a coffee house at Panama, where nothing but coffee is sold : it is much drunk in the towns of the great Ocean, and begins to sl1J)ereede chocolate. Iauatna is divided into the upper and lower town ; this latter part is called ci Varal, it is the most populous ; nothing but men of colour are met with here, though they are admitted into society, and though all kind of respect is affected towards them, yet, at ball which took place a little before my arrival, - the whitest ladies refused to dance with...

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