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In the XXI century -God- remains an unknown value to humans. Although -God- is the fundamental value in this world, as he is the Creator of all. A modern human cannot accept the idea of ​​the existence of -God- due to lack of evidence that -God- exists. -Blind faith- is an indicator of low level of development of individuals, and is no longer a common stance of modern people, even those who are not well educated. People are willing to believe only that what they can see with their own eyes, test, and, of course, use in everyday life. That is normal, natural.

People only declare that they believe in -God.- No one really believes in him because human intellect is created in such a way that one is unable to take something seriously without evidence. Not to mention that recipes that religion offers as a practical guide—do not hold water from the point of view of a modern person. Also, in the eternal debate of psychologists: what is primary -soul- or body, -soul loses- only because psychologists do not know anything about it. Despite the fact that -soul- psyche is the focus of this -science.- Shortfalls of medicine, psychology, anthropology, and other sciences that study human beings affected peoples attitude towards religion.

However, religion, unlike science, has existed for many centuries. Despite everything, it continues to exist today. This clearly indicates that humanity can exist without science, but not without belief in some -Higher Powers,- something supernatural that, unlike modern science, has the ability to solve any problems of humans. One can admit this to himself or not, it does not matter. And, even more so, it does not matter whether this role is filled by biblical -God- or those gods, which religions offer to consider gods or not.

As it is known, there are books much older than the Bible, Torah, Quran, etc. Some of these books date tens of millions of years back. Studying one of these books according to some researchers, this manuscript dates 21st century BC, we found answers to all of our questions because this book turned out to be nothing other than the -Catalog of Human Souls.- It is a catalog because this book contains descriptions of about three hundred models of psyche of homo sapiens. Moreover, it holds detailed instructions on how this or that person can realize the main -Divine Plan-: make himself-herself -the image and likeness of God.- In this book about three hundred ways to achieve this state for humans were discovered. This book is a direct proof of existence of -God-; the segment which religious institutions and their congregations have always needed, but lacked. Any person can compare descriptions from the Catalog to real people, their individual qualities, life algorithms, etc., or use information about how this or that person can be controlled, apply it in practice, see the reactions and get real results from manipulation. -God- created a human in His Image and Likeness, and implanted potential of a Creator into each person. And, gave everyone the freedom to choose exactly how and in what direction to use their existing abilities. The -Divine Will- in respect to a Human was recorded in the -Catalog of Human Souls.- However, humanity lost this Catalog, and began to use -God-given potential in a completely different way. In the direction opposite of the -Divine Plan,- people began to create artificial images. We feel that the tradition of -True Faith,- which actually is Knowledge, should be revived. Everywhere. Globally. We propose a new ideology of religions and its practical implementation. We propose to finally determine the answer to who is, at least, a Human. And, to move the theory of existence of -God,- the human -Soul- from the status of a theory, which can only be believed in, into the status of a theory that any person can test. New ideology of religions, created on the basis of evidence for -Gods- existence produced strictly by scientific methods, can bring people back to -God.-

Autor: Andrey Davydov


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