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Colaborador: Carracedo, J.C.Day, S. J.Guillou, HervéRodríguez Badiola, EduardoCanas, José AntonioPerez-Torrado, Francisco-Jose

Materias : GeologíaVulcanismoCanarias

Fecha de publicación : 1997

Fecha de depósito: 8-oct-2009

Tipo de documento: Artículo

En : International Workshop, September 15-18 : programme and abstracts, pp. 45-48



Geochronological, structural and morphological constraints in the genesis and evolution of the Canary Islands *J.C.
~arracedo-, S.
~ a ~H.* Guillou3, , E.
Rodriguez J3adiola4, J.A.
canas5 and F.
Pérez ~orrado~ 1 2 Estación Volcanológicade Canarias, CSZC, La Laguna, Tenerge, Canary Islands, Spain Cheltenharn and Gloucester College of Higher Education, Cheltenham, UK.and Greig Fester Center for Hazard Research, Universip College London, UK 3 and ,ucvp and S F~jh!prR and jn~~fiyjr and , ~ ~ - ~ z NUbf - s2.r R ~fiyttg, , *%qcg 4MuseoNacional de Ciencias Naturales, CSIC, Madrid, Spain 5 ETSICC, Universidad Polirecnica de Cataluña, Spain 6~aculrad de Ciencias del Mar, ULPGC, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Canav Islands 1.
Introduction The Canarian Archipelago is a group of volcanic islands on a slow-moving oceanic plate, close to a continental margin.
The cause of the archipelago is controversial: a hotspot or mantle plume, a zone of lithospheric deformation, a region of compressional block-faulting or a mpture propagating westwards fiom the active Atlas Mountains fold belt have been proposed by different authors.
However, comparison of the Canarian Archipelago with the prototypical hotspot-related island group, the Hawaiian Archipelago, reveals that the differences between the two are not as great as had previously been supposed on the basis of older data. Concrete evidence for the relative roles of regional tectonics and mantle plumes in the genesis of the islands may come from large-scale seismological and stmctural studies of the deep structure of the surrounding oceanic cmst and lithosphere and from constraints provided by geochemical and isotopic features of the magmas involved.
Notwithstanding, it is interesting to analyse, as we do here, the existing geological information from the islands themselves, especially the timing of eruptive activity in the islands and their morphoiogicai and stmctural features.
Tlis may help to establish some clear constraints that may narrow down...

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