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Colaborador: Sosa-Ferrera Z.Santana-Rodríguez, J.J.

Materias : MicroondasExtracciónQuímicaMedios micelaresPesticidasSuelosContaminación

Fecha de publicación : 2005

Fecha de depósito: 8-oct-2009

Tipo de documento: Póster

En : 11ª jornadas de Análisis Instrumental

Autor: Vega-Moreno, Daura



Vega Moreno, Z.
Sosa Ferrera, Ferrera, J.J. J.J.
Santana Rodríguez. Department of Chemistry, Chemistry, Faculty of Marine Sciences, Sciences, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 35017, Las Palmas Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. Spain.
Tel: 34 92845 44 25, Fax: 34 928 45 29 22, ee-mail: INTRODUCTION SOIL CHARACTERISTICS Valleseco Potatoes 4,84 Type I Valleseco Potatoes 3,91 Type II Tafira Garden 8,3 Type III Sta Brígida Pine 5,9 Type IV Forest EXPERIMENTAL A 2 g of soil sample was spiked with the pesticides mix with a final concentration of 300 ng·g-1 (DDTs) and 500 ng·g-1 (dieldrin).
For the extraction was added to the soils a micellar solution of POLE (polyoxyethylene 10 lauryl ether). Area 4,4-DDD 20000 4,4-DDE 23,8 3,9 12,8 4,4-DDT 30000 4,4-DDD 40 50 60 2 5% 1000 W Time 14 min Pierce septum on Expose SPME fiber- fiber- Retract fiber- fiber- sample container extract analytes. analytes.
withdraw needle 12 Optimum Conditions Tim e (min) NaCl Adition 60000 50000 4,4-DDD 30000 4,4-DDE 10000 Area 4,4-DDT 40000 Area 8 Time (m in) 50000 40000 4,4-DDT 30000 4,4-DDD 20000 4,4-DDE 10000 0 8 ml 4 Temperature 20000 Surfactant Volume Surfactant Concentration Power 4,4-DDE As a second step, a PDMS-DVB fiber was introduced in a solution with 2 ml of POLE with pesticides extract plus 2 ml of water. 0 30 60000 0 30 40 50 60 0 Tem perature (ºC) 5 10 15 20 % NaCl Absorption Time Desorption Time 40 min Temperature 4 min 30ºC 30ºC NaCl Adition 0% CONCLUSIONS RESULTS AND DISCUSSION Microwave assisted extraction of pesticides using surfactant solutions is a procedure with several advantages: is an efficient method, less time consuming, green method, low cost and their compatibility with mobile phase used in HPLC. µAU 1 Detection Limit (ng·g-1) 17 24 18 21 14...

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