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Title: Author: The Evil Eye Mary Shelley The wild Albanian kirtled to his knee, With shawl-girt head, and ornamented gun, And gold-embroider’d garments, fair to see; The crimson-scarfed man of Macedon.--Lord Byron.* [* Childe Harold II.
lviii] The Moreot, Katusthius Ziani, travelled wearily, and in fear of its robber-inhabitants, through the pashalik of Yannina; yet he had no cause for dread.
Did he arrive, tired and hungry, in a solitary village--did he find himself in the uninhabited wilds suddenly surrounded by a band of Klephts--or in the larger towns did he shrink at finding himself sole of his race among the savage mountaineers and despotic Turk--as soon as he announced himself the Pobratimo[*] of Dmitri of the Evil Eye, every hand was held out, every voice spoke welcome. [* In Greece, especially in Illyria and Epirus, it is no uncommon thing for persons of the same s...

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