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-------------------------------------------------------------------------A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook Title: Author: Too True to be Good George Bernard Shaw Too True to be Good: A Political Extravaganza CONTENTS Preface TOO TRUE TO BE GOOD Period--The Present. ACT I. One of the Best Bedrooms in one of the Best Suburban Wed Mar 29 17:37:57 2017 2 Villas in one of the Richest Cities in England. ACT II. ACT III. A Sea Beach in a Mountainous Country. A Narrow Gap leading down to the Beach. From the Malvern Festival Book, 1932 Why -Too True to be Good- Failed: A Moral in Favour of a National Theatre Preface Contents Money and Happiness The Vampire and the Calf The Old Soldier and the Public House The Unloading Millionaires Delusions of Poverty Trying it for an Hour Consolations of the Landed Gentry Miseries of the Vagrant Rootless Rich The Redemp...

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