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-----------------------------------------------------------------------Title: Lady in Danger Author: Malcolm (Max) Afford * LADY IN DANGER (A comedy-thriller) by Malcolm (Max) Afford 1942 BILL SEFTON A journalist MONICA, his wife (also a writer) MRS.
IDAMAE LAMPREY their landlady DR.
GILBERT NORTON a neighbour SYLVIA MEADE (hat and gloves) ANDREW MEADE (thin, untidy man in his mid-thirties, fellow journalist to Bill) DETECTIVE DENNIS MARSH CONSTABLE POGSON CHIEF INSPECTOR WILLIAM BURKE (fifties, formal) CORPSE (non-acting) CAT (soft toy) Tue Mar 28 23:13:49 2017 2 * ACT ONE SCENE 1 The entire action of the play takes place in the living room of the flat of BILL and MONICA SEFTON in South Kensington, London.
This is a comfortable and well-furnished room on the ground floor.
The rear wall has two windows, curtained in chintzes and overlooking a small back garden.
Under the left-hand window is a dining roo...

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