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Title: Author: The Judas Kiss Herbert Adams 1: Surprising News THE young clergyman cleared his throat. -As we are all met together,- he began, -I will read you a letter I have received from our father.- -Listen, girls,- said Jasper flippantly, -our reverend brother has apparently had a message from On High.
It may be important.- -Where is he, Garnie?- enquired Emerald, the older sister. -Does he say when he will be back?- asked Pearl, the youngest of them all. Garnet replied to their questions in what they called his parson voice. -I will read the letter,- he repeated.
-It will tell you all I know.- Tue Mar 28 23:13:40 2017 2 Again he cleared his throat, and holding his missive in front of him, he started-’My dear Garnet, It is nearly three months since I left you, to convalesce after that bout of ’flu.
It was good of you all to offer to accompany me, but I thought...

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