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* Corresponding author 1 CRBC Rennes - Centre de recherche bretonne et celtique UR2 - Université Rennes 2 : EA 4451

Abstract : Starting from the importance of deer in Scotland folklore, which population is anthropologically related to the Cruthin of Ireland, we are not surprised to find traces of a deer cult in Buile Suibhne, paragraph 40. The origin of this cult could come from Siberia following similarities found in a paper by Anisimov. The subject of the article is to show the archaeological possibility of such an origin, starting from Afanasievo culture Altay-Yenissei to the Proto-Indo-European and Indo-European populations moving westward. The European aboriginal hypothesis of this cult is discarded as exemplified by the Val Camonica evolutionary process, and a new understanding is furnished to the palaeolithic drawings of the Volp caverns.

Résumé : Pouez ar c-harv e bro Skos n-eo ket un dra nevez. Abalamour da se hon eus kavet mat tostaat roudoù un azeul karv e pennad 40 Buile Suibhne, ouzh gwerinoniezh Skoz, ouzhpenn ma -z eo tost a-walc-h poblañs an div vro. Tostaet eo bet ar roudoù azeul-se d-ur pennad gant Anisimov ma komz an oberour eus un hevelep azeul e Sibiria. Trugarez d-an arkeologiezh e vo klasket diskouez penaos eo deuet an azeul-se eus Afanasievo Altai-Yenissei da Europa. Ne zalc-h ket ken an hypotezenn henvroad forzh penaos evel diskouezet e poblañsadur ar Val Camonica, met pourvezañ a reomp un gomprenezon all eus engravadurioù mougevioù ar Volp.

Keywords : Karv Skoz Toungouzed Keted Hittited Deer Scotland Bugady Enintyn Tungus Kets Hittites Val Camonica Cernunnos Gundestrup Fer Benn

Autor: Boucherit Gilles -

Fuente: https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/


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