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Journal: International Journal of Asian Social Science

Abstract: Ibn-e-Shahab Zuhri was the first person who compiled and composed the events pertaining to the life of Holy Prophet SAW and Ghazawat. According to his nephew, Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Muslim, Ibn-e-Shahab Zuhri thought the art of ???Seerat-Writing??? to be the most important and valuable knowledge both for this world and hereafter. He was a prominent narrator of ???Hadith??? as well as a capable Jurist. He learnt the knowledge of ???Hadith??? from the renowned scholars of his age. He launched a vast research campaign for the collection of ???Ahadith??? being transmitted by the inhabitants of the city of Madina. Although he possessed a very strong and sound memory, yet he used to write down all that he heard and realized. He, for the first time, named his writings about ghazawat as ???Seerat???. He gave a specific mode to the art of ???Seerat-writing??? and his unique style was followed by his successors.

Social Sciences

International Journal of Asian Social Science

Month: 11-2012 Issue: 11


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