Second Language Acquisition Enhances Communicative CompetenceReport as inadecuate

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Journal: International Journal of Asian Social Science

Abstract: English is the language of international affairs, cultures and economic systems. It is a language of wider communication. The main aim of the learners is to acquire the target language but it can be acquired easily only if the language is made use of in our daily affairs. In order to achieve that target language acquisition of the new language is very important, it focuses on the language competency of the target language .Knowledge of the structure of the language is equally important in order to learn the language. Like all language teaching systems, however, it can only be judged by its ability to help learners practice using the content of language ??? phonology, lexis and structure and that content can only be practiced through the behaviors known as listening and speaking, reading and writing. Communicative language teaching CLT has remained in fashion for a long time since its first emergence from the 1970s. This approach has been exported worldwide and seems to still occupy a dominant position in the global ELT industry nowadays .Communicative Language Teaching has become very important in the field of Language Teaching ,it not only, helps the language learner to learn the language it further, focuses on the linguistics namely the syntax,phonemes,diction spelling ,grammar and discourse.

Social Sciences

International Journal of Asian Social Science

Month: 08-2012 Issue: 8


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