ABO and Rhesus D blood group distribution among blood donors in rural south western Uganda: a retrospective studyReport as inadecuate

ABO and Rhesus D blood group distribution among blood donors in rural south western Uganda: a retrospective study - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

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, 9:513



BackgroundIn Uganda, geographical distribution of blood groups and Rhesus D factor varies across the country. The aim of this study was to examine the distribution of these groups among voluntary blood donors in rural southwestern Uganda.

ResultsTwenty-three thousand five hundred four 23,504 blood donors were included in the study. The donors had a mean age of 21 years SD ± 5.7 and were mainly male 73%. The distribution of ABO blood group was; blood group O 50.3%; blood group A 24.6%; blood group B 20.7% and blood group AB 4.5%. The proportions of Rhesus D positive and Rhesus D negative were 98 and 2% respectively. The proportion of non-adult donors <18 years was significantly higher among the female than the male donors p value <0.001. A significantly higher proportion of males than females were Rhesus D negative p-value <0.001. No significant relationship was found between age and blood group distribution.

ConclusionThe sequence of ABO distribution among the rural population in southwestern Uganda is; O > A > B > AB, with males as the predominant donors. The frequency of Rhesus D negative is very low in rural southwestern Ugandan and is mainly among males. The blood bank services in southwestern Uganda need to develop innovative strategies targeting female donors who are more likely to boost blood stocks in the region.

KeywordsABO Rhesus D Blood groups Rural southwestern Uganda List of abbreviationsABAndrew Byamungu

CDCcentre for disease control and prevention

CIconfidence interval

EMMEdgar Mugema Mulogo

FBfred bagenda

FRCfaculty research committee

g-dLgramme per deciliter

HDNhemolytic disease of the new born

RECresearch ethics committee


mmHgmilliliter mercury

MUSTmbarara university of science and technology

RhDrhesus D antigen-blood group

ROARichard Onyuthi Apecu

SDstandard deviation

UBTSuganda blood transfusion services

USAUnited States of America

Edgar M. Mulogo, Fred Bagenda and Andrew Byamungu have contributed equally to this work

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Author: Richard Onyuthi Apecu - Edgar M. Mulogo - Fred Bagenda - Andrew Byamungu

Source: https://link.springer.com/

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