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Dissection of the protostellar envelope surrounding IRAS 05173-0555 in L1634 - Astrophysics - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

Abstract: Context. The youngest protostars that power energetic outflows are surroundedby infalling and rotating envelopes that contain most of the mass of thesystem. Aims. To study the properties and kinematics of the protostellarenvelope surrounding the embedded source IRAS 05173-0555 in L1634. Methods. Wecarried out VLA ammonia observations at 1.3 cm with the VLA in the Dconfiguration to map the gas towards the core of L1634. Results. The NH3emission towards IRAS 05173-0555 is resolved and shows two components clearlydistinguishable morphologically: a cross-like structure, roughly elongated inthe direction of the HH 240-241 outflow and associated with IRAS 05173-0555,plus an arc-like stream elongated towards the north. The properties andkinematics of the gas suggest that the origin of the cross-like morphologycould be the interaction between the outflow and the envelope. A more compactand flattened structure, which could be undergoing rotation about the axis ofthe outflow, has been detected towards the center of the cross-like envelope.The northern stream, which has properties and velocity different from those ofthe cross-like envelope, is likely part of the original cloud envelope, andcould be either a quiescent core that would never form stars, or be in aprestellar phase.

Author: M.T. Beltran 1, J. Wiseman 2, P.T.P. Ho 3,4, R. Estalella 1, G. Fuller 5, A. Wootten 6 1 Universitat de Barcelona; 2 NASA-Goddard

Source: https://arxiv.org/

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