Antibiotics-induced depletion of mice microbiota induces changes in host serotonin biosynthesis and intestinal motilityReport as inadecuate

Antibiotics-induced depletion of mice microbiota induces changes in host serotonin biosynthesis and intestinal motility - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

Journal of Translational Medicine

, 15:13

Medical bioinformatics


BackgroundThe gastrointestinal motility is affected by gut microbiota and the relationship between them has become a hot topic. However, mechanisms of microbiota in regulating motility have not been well defined. We thus investigated the effect of microbiota depletion by antibiotics on gastrointestinal motility, colonic serotonin levels, and bile acids metabolism.

MethodsAfter 4 weeks with antibiotics treatments, gastrointestinal and colon transit, defecation frequency, water content, and other fecal parameters were measured and analyzed in both wild-type and antibiotics-treated mice, respectively. Contractility of smooth muscle, serotonin levels, and bile acids levels in wild-type and antibiotics-treated mice were also analyzed.

ResultsAfter antibiotics treatment, the richness and diversity of intestinal microbiota decreased significantly, and the fecal of mice had less output P < 0.01, more water content P < 0.01, and longer pellet length P < 0.01. Antibiotics treatment in mice also resulted in delayed gastrointestinal and colonic motility P < 0.05, and inhibition of phasic contractions of longitudinal muscle from isolated proximal colon P < 0.01. In antibiotics-treated mice, serotonin, tryptophan hydroxylase 1, and secondary bile acids levels were decreased.

ConclusionGut microbiota play an important role in the regulation of intestinal bile acids and serotonin metabolism, which could probably contribute to the association between gut microbiota and gastrointestinal motility as intermediates.

KeywordsIntestinal microbiota Antibiotics Gut motility Serotonin Bile acids AbbreviationsGALTgut-associated lymphoid tissue


ECsenterochromaffin cells

TPHtryptophan hydroxylase

CGRPcalcitonin gene-related peptide

DCAdeoxycholic acid

LCAlithocholic acid

BAsbile acids

BSSBristol Stool Form Scale

STCslow transit constipation

FMTfecal microbiota transplantation

Author: Xiaolong Ge - Chao Ding - Wei Zhao - Lizhi Xu - Hongliang Tian - Jianfeng Gong - Minsheng Zhu - Jieshou Li - Ning Li



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