Mesure et analyse de la pauvreté Report as inadecuate

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This chapter offers a primer on poverty, inequality, and vulnerability analysis and a guide to resourceson this topic. It is written for decision makers who want to define the type of information they need tomonitor poverty reduction and make appropriate policy decisions and for the technical experts in chargeof the analysis. The chapter takes a broad look at tools for analysis and provides a brief introduction toeach topic. It also outlines why certain information is essential in policymaking and how this informationcan be generated. This unpublished version of the paper in French was translated from an English version published in the World Bank-s Poverty Reduction Strategy Sourcebook.

Item Type: MPRA Paper -

Original Title: Mesure et analyse de la pauvreté-

English Title: Poverty Measurement and Analysis-

Language: French-

Keywords: Poverty; inequality; vulnerability-

Subjects: I - Health, Education, and Welfare > I3 - Welfare, Well-Being, and Poverty > I32 - Measurement and Analysis of Poverty-

Author: Coudouel, Aline


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