Crystallography of quasicrystals ; application to icosahedral symmetryReport as inadecuate

Crystallography of quasicrystals ; application to icosahedral symmetry - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

Abstract : Crystallographic concepts are extended to quasicrystalline structures and applied to icosahedral quasicrystals. 2-dimensional N fold rotational symmetries are shown to be compatible with Bravais lattices in at least ϕ N dimensions, where ϕ N is the Euler number, while for 3-dimensional icosahedral symmetry the minimal dimension is 6. The case of icosahedral crystallography is worked out in detail. A complete classification of six-dimensional periodic structures with icosahedral symmetry is derived. There are surprisingly few types of 6-dimensional « crystallographic objects » with icosahedral symmetry, namely 3 Bravais lattice types, 2 point groups, and 11 inequivalent space groups. The problem of equivalence of icosahedral space groups is studied in detail. Similar to the case of ordinary 3-dimensional crystals, nonsymmorphic space group symmetries lead to extinction of Bragg peaks. These extinctions are calculated systematically.

Keywords : crystal symmetry quasicrystals space groups

Author: L.S. Levitov J. Rhyner



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