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Abstract: We introduce SPHRAY, a Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics SPH ray tracerdesigned to solve the 3D, time dependent, radiative transfer RT equations forarbitrary density fields. The SPH nature of SPHRAY makes the incorporation ofseparate hydrodynamics and gravity solvers very natural. SPHRAY relies on aMonte Carlo MC ray tracing scheme that does not interpolate the SPH particlesonto a grid but instead integrates directly through the SPH kernels. Giveninitial conditions and a description of the sources of ionizing radiation, thecode will calculate the non-equilibrium ionization state HI, HII, HeI, HeII,HeIII, e and temperature internal energy-entropy of each SPH particle. Thesources of radiation can include point like objects, diffuse recombinationradiation, and a background field from outside the computational volume. The MCray tracing implementation allows for the quick introduction of new physics andis parallelization friendly. A quick Axis Aligned Bounding Box AABB testtaken from computer graphics applications allows for the acceleration of theraytracing component. We present the algorithms used in SPHRAY and verify thecode by performing all the test problems detailed in the recent RadiativeTransfer Comparison Project of Iliev et. al. The Fortran 90 source code forSPHRAY and example SPH density fields are made available on a companion websitewww.sphray.org.

Autor: Gabriel Altay, Rupert A. C. Croft, Inti Pelupessy

Fuente: https://arxiv.org/

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