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Abstract: The Hubble Space Telescope HST Advanced Camera for Surveys ACS grismPEARS Probing Evolution And Reionization Spectroscopically survey provides alarge dataset of low-resolution spectra from thousands of galaxies in the GOODSNorth and South fields. One important subset of objects in these data areemission-line galaxies ELGs, and we have investigated several differentmethods aimed at systematically selecting these galaxies. Here we present a newmethodology and results of a search for these ELGs in the PEARS observations ofthe Hubble Ultra Deep Field HUDF using a 2D detection method that utilizesthe observation that many emission lines originate from clumpy knots withingalaxies. This 2D line-finding method proves to be useful in detecting emissionlines from compact knots within galaxies that might not otherwise be detectedusing more traditional 1D line-finding techniques. We find in total 96 emissionlines in the HUDF, originating from 81 distinct -knots- within 63 individualgalaxies. We find in general that OIII emitters are the most common,comprising 44% of the sample, and on average have high equivalent widths 70%of OIII emitters having rest-frame EW>100A. There are 12 galaxies withmultiple emitting knots-with different knots exhibiting varying flux values,suggesting that the differing star formation properties across a single galaxycan in general be probed at redshifts z~0.2-0.4. The most prevalentmorphologies are large face-on spirals and clumpy interacting systems, manybeing unique detections owing to the 2D method described here, thushighlighting the strength of this technique.

Autor: Amber N. Straughn, Gerhardt R. Meurer, Norbert Pirzkal, Seth H. Cohen, Sangeeta Malhotra, James Rhoads, Rogier A. Windhorst, Jona

Fuente: https://arxiv.org/

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