The B->pi K Puzzle and Supersymmetry - High Energy Physics - PhenomenologyReport as inadecuate

The B->pi K Puzzle and Supersymmetry - High Energy Physics - Phenomenology - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

Abstract: At present, there are discrepancies between the measurements of severalobservables in B->pi K decays and the predictions of the standard model the``B->pi K puzzle-. Although the effect is not yet statistically significant- it is at the level of $\gsim 3\sigma$ - it does hint at the presence of newphysics. In this paper, we explore whether supersymmetry SUSY can explain theB->pi K puzzle. In particular, we consider the SUSY model of Grossman, Neubertand Kagan GNK. We find that it is extremely unlikely that GNK explains theB->pi K data. We also find a similar conclusion in many other models of SUSY.And there are serious criticisms of the two SUSY models that do reproduce theB->pi K data. If the B->pi K puzzle remains, it could pose a problem for SUSYmodels.

Author: Maxime Imbeault, Seungwon Baek, David London


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