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Journal Title:

Frontiers in Psychology


Volume 5


Frontiers Media | 2014-07-17, Pages 730-730

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Article | Final Publisher PDF

Abstract: Visual and haptic unisensory object processing show many similarities in terms of categorization, recognition, and representation. In this review, we discuss how these similarities contribute to multisensory object processing. In particular, we show that similar unisensory visual and haptic representations lead to a shared multisensory representation underlying both cross-modal object recognition and view-independence. This shared representation suggests a common neural substrate and we review several candidate brain regions, previously thought to be specialized for aspects of visual processing, that are now known also to be involved in analogous haptic tasks. Finally, we lay out the evidence for a model of multisensory object recognition in which top-down and bottom-up pathways to the object-selective lateral occipital complex are modulated by object familiarity and individual differences in object and spatial imagery.

Subjects: Biology, Neuroscience - Health Sciences, Rehabilitation and Therapy - Health Sciences, General - Research Funding: Support to K. Sathian from the National Eye Institute at the NIH, the National Science Foundation, and the Veterans Administration is gratefully acknowledged.

Keywords: Social Sciences - Psychology, Multidisciplinary - Psychology - cross-modal - effective connectivity - fMRI - viewpoint dependence - face processing - visual imagery - LATERAL OCCIPITAL COMPLEX - FMR-ADAPTATION REVEALS - FACE RECOGNITION - SOMATOSENSORY CORTEX - TACTILE PERCEPTION - FAMILIAR OBJECTS - MENTAL ROTATION - EXPLICIT MEMORY - ORIENTATION-SENSITIVITY - 3-DIMENSIONAL OBJECTS -

Autor: Simon A Lacey, Krishnankutty Sathian,



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