New paradigm for auditory paired pulse suppressionReport as inadecuate

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Sensory gating is a mechanism of sensory processing used to prevent an overflow of irrelevant information, with some indexes, such as prepulse inhibition PPI and P50 suppression, often utilized for its evaluation. In addition, those are clinically important for diseases such as schizophrenia. In the present study, we investigated long-latency paired-pulse suppression of change-related cortical responses using magnetoencephalography. The test change-related response was evoked by an abrupt increase in sound pressure by 15 dB in a continuous sound composed of a train of 25-ms pure tones at 65 dB. By inserting a leading change stimulus prepulse, we observed suppression of the test response. In Experiment 1, we examined the effects of conditioning-test intervals CTI using a 25-ms pure tone at 80 dB as both the test and prepulse. Our results showed clear suppression of the test response peaking at a CTI of 600 ms, while maximum inhibition was approximately 30%. In Experiment 2, the effects of sound pressure on prepulse were examined by inserting prepulses 600 ms prior to the test stimulus. We found that a paired-pulse suppression greater than 25% was obtained by prepulses larger than 77 dB, i.e., 12 dB louder than the background, suggesting that long latency suppression requires a relatively strong prepulse to obtain adequate suppression, different than short-latency paired-pulse suppression reported in previous studies. In Experiment 3, we confirmed similar levels of suppression using electroencephalography. These results suggested that two identical change stimuli spaced by 600 ms were appropriate for observing the long-latency inhibition. The present method requires only a short inspection time and is non-invasive.

Author: Nobuyuki Takeuchi , Shunsuke Sugiyama, Koji Inui, Kousuke Kanemoto, Makoto Nishihara



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